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    Overview of Unilog’s All-in-One eCommerce Solution

Unilog delivers the absolute best B2B eCommerce site experience for your customers. From predictive site search capabilities to awesome product content to customer-specific pricing and self-service features, your customers will love the convenience of your eCommerce site.
  • Expand your brand presence and geographic reach
  • Increase revenues, average order value, and customer loyalty
  • Realize incredible efficiencies and reduced cost per transaction
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Unilog provides you with an all-in-one B2B eCommerce platform to manage every aspect of your digital commerce business, plus options for a mobile app and advanced eCommerce site analytics.
Product Information Management (PIM)

Manage your entire catalog of product information from one central place, with built-in data quality checks, digital asset management, and the ability to publish product data to other platforms. (learn more)


Connect your eCommerce site to any technology in your business, including tight integration with your ERP or POS system for customer-specific pricing and real-time item availability. (learn more)

Content Management System (CMS)

Use our WYSIWYG interface and drag-and-drop tools to create, organize, and deliver engaging content on your website – without requiring any coding knowledge. (learn more)

Hosting and Deployment

Run your eCommerce site on the most reliable, fast, and secure cloud infrastructure to ensure constant availability for your customers and on-demand compute resources. (learn more)


Make online checkout as easy as possible, with support for saved shopping carts, RFQs, multiple purchasing roles, quick order pads, flexible payment options, access to lines of credit, and more. (learn more)

Events Management

Allow customers to view and register for product demonstrations, training classes, technical certifications, customer appreciation days, and other events – right from your website. (learn more)

Site Search

Give your customers the power to quickly find what they need on your eCommerce site with fast, intelligent, and configurable site search capability. (learn more)


Track customer behavior, improve conversion rates, and measure your digital channel’s success with numerous pre-built dashboards and reports. (learn more)

Unilog took home the most gold medals out of the 16 vendors that were evaluated in this year’s “Paradigm B2B Combine: 2020 Digital Commerce Solutions for B2B” report. This new vendor research report from eCommerce expert Andy Hoar explores capabilities of certain B2B eCommerce platforms against objective criteria and enables buyers to see individual strengths and weaknesses of each solution. Download your copy today!

“The amount of functionality and features Unilog provides compares with platforms that cost 5x the amount.”

Ben Lichtenwalner, Etna Supply

Make your company stand out with progressive B2B eCommerce features that are ahead of your competition. Things like customer-defined part numbers, image preview in the predictive search box, a sales rep access module, and more.

Integrate your B2B eCommerce platform with other business apps

A B2C eCommerce platform is not the same as a B2B eCommerce platform. Wholesale distributors and manufacturers who power their eCommerce channel with a platform designed for retail shoppers are missing out on features their customers need. Learn more about The Difference Between B2B and B2C eCommerce.

Unilog was named a Major Player in IDC’s B2B Digital Commerce MarketScape for 2020! According to IDC Research Manager Jordan Jewell, “Consider Unilog if you are an SMB or a midmarket B2B organization looking for a SaaS digital commerce platform with strong B2B commerce capabilities, deep product information, and content functionality at a low price point. Consider it if your organization is primarily focused on differentiating with business agility and fast time to market with a platform that is very business user–friendly.”

IDC evaluated 18 B2B eCommerce platforms and cited Unilog for the following strengths:

  • Level of value delivered: Customers we interviewed rated Unilog above average for the level of value delivered relative to the price paid for the commerce platform. On customer stated, “I am shocked with how much we are getting for what we’re paying.”
  • Product information focus: Unilog provides a PIM offering in addition to CIMM2, allowing deeper functionality in terms of product data and content management.
  • ERP/point-of-sale (POS) integrations: Unilog has put a lot of time and effort into connecting to various ERP and point-of-sale systems. This includes mapping out how information flows through those systems and tracking dependencies. Unilog asserts that these integrations are critical if you want to provide true omni-channel B2B commerce.