• eCommerce Analytics

    Understand the Customer Journey Throughout Every User Interaction on Your Site

A digital branch can expose your business to a wider audience and new sales opportunities. But, without analytics to track and measure your site’s performance, you will never realize the true potential and profitability of your online channel.

eCommerce site analytics help you better understand the customer journey, improve conversions, and pinpoint the drivers behind your online sales. Unilog’s all-in-one eCommerce platform utilizes a leading analytics tool to provide this invaluable insight so you can make better business decisions and increase your digital channel’s ROI. Visually impactful and user-friendly, our eCommerce analytics software helps companies interpret the data and make actionable improvements. From custom dashboards and reports, to heatmaps to goals, our analytics software gives you the flexibility to build unique views of your site users’ interactions.

Unilog’s advanced eCommerce analytics solution provides numerous KPIs to help you track and measure your digital branch’s success, including:
  • Conversion rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Transactions
  • Search engine referrals
  • Page traffic, inbound and outbound
  • Engagement levels from social media and marketing campaigns
  • Post-login activity of individual users
  • Visits in real-time
  • User flows
  • Order volume and value
  • Abandoned carts
  • Site search keywords
  • Pages following a site search
  • Lifetime revenue and purchases by user
  • Unique visits
  • Top pages and top exits
  • Time spent on site
  • Load times
  • Visitor map locations
Visits over Time

Create a snapshot of visits over a specified timeframe to see every page visited, every action taken, and the end result of each visit. Set goals for trending up the number of unique visitors to your site and then correlate events – such as promotions or campaigns – when traffic spikes. The more you know about your visitors, the more opportunities you will have to convert their visits to buys.

Visitor Profiles

Form unique reports of individual user activities in a detailed visitor profile. In addition to their purchase history with your company, you can see how frequently buyers visit your site, which devices they use to access your site, and even their location. This exclusive visitor lens helps you understand their behaviors and preferences so you can improve their user experience.

Site Traffic

Measure traffic on your site in relation to eCommerce sales. Identify which site content and digital marketing channels are driving conversions and, just as important, which are not so you can make improvements. Channel segmentation also helps you identify events and content that influence and attract potential buyers.


Understand how visitors interact with your webpage by using the data tracked by our heatmap functionality. Heatmaps are a great visual representation of a customer’s behavior on particular webpages and help show what elements are working or can need some help.


Create navigation paths or traffic funnels that you expect your visitors to follow to help understand engagement in certain scenarios, including checkout conversion.

Session Recordings

Recordings allow you to really dive into a customer’s journey. You can focus on exact user behaviors and use real-time data to make updates to your webpage.

Onsite Search

Measure the top search terms customers are using on your website so you can incorporate those keywords into your onsite content to help them find what they want more easily. Reports show you which are the most popular search terms used and how often those searches led to a purchase.

Top Product Sales

Measure which items are top selling and those that are not so you can fill in any product content gaps and build SEO and marketing campaigns to boost sales. Rich, relevant content attracts and influences potential buyers and is instrumental in increasing product conversion rates.