• Content Management System (CMS) for eCommerce

    Create and Manage Engaging Digital Content

Unilog’s CMS is a powerful and user-friendly content management tool that gives non-technical users the ability to create, organize, and deliver engaging content on their website. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface and drag-and-drop features enable content managers, marketing staff, and site coordinators to deploy and manage new website content – without requiring any coding knowledge.

With the Unilog content management system (CMS) for eCommerce, you can:
  • Make changes to your website without relying on a developer or eCommerce vendor
  • Deploy dynamic content that keeps your site looking fresh and new
  • Promote products, brands, and manufacturers to coincide with marketing campaigns
  • Create original content – like blogs or articles – that drives traffic to your site
  • Unify your marketing and eCommerce sites into a single customer experience
Page Designer

Create wireframes and insert HTML elements such as graphics, text, and banners with our simple drag-and-drop Page Designer tool. The easy-to-use interface displays your edits in real time as you create your custom pages. More technical users can opt to use our source HTML editor to build pages with written code.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing the page URL structures helps to increase rankings in search engines and a more user-friendly experience. With Unilog’s Advanced SEO feature you can customize your URL structure as well as create redirects and configure page parameters in one module.


Further customize your web pages with helpful widgets. Designed to build engagement with site visitors, widgets are self-contained “mini-applications” in the form of dynamic buttons, dialog boxes, and pop-up windows. When engaged, these widgets direct users to more content, whether it be a featured product or manufacturer page, an event page, or your social media feed.

Events Management

The Unilog CMS for eCommerce includes the ability to schedule events – like product trainings or customer appreciation days – using a visual calendar interface. Use our Event Management tool to manage registrations and accept payments online. Then embed events in your website with our calendar widget. Any changes made to your events are automatically updated everywhere the widget is deployed on your site. In addition, content within the event itself can be included in your site search.

Image Library

Bring your pages to life with a variety of stock images available in the CMS image library. Store image you use frequently in your site design, like logos, promotional photos, and banner images. Visuals complement your content and help strengthen your messaging and your brand.


Unilog’s blog functionality is fast, flexible, and easy to use. It allows you to host and publish all your blog content in one location. Regular blog posts draw site traffic, inform buyers, and build deeper relationships with your customers.


Create new forms – like an RFQ submission or newsletter subscription – to collect leads from your eCommerce site. The form builder allows you to specify any number of fields, such as name, company, contact information, preferences, and more.