• Events Management

    Allow Customers to Register for Events from Your eCommerce Site

Unilog offers an Events Management module that is included with your core eCommerce platform.

Events Management gives you the ability to:

  • Produce an ongoing calendar of events to educate and train customers
  • Build detailed classes with registration and payment options
  • Create registration and attendance reports, name tags, invoices, and more

To differentiate your business, your company must provide value-added services for customers. One way to do that is by offering new product demonstrations, training classes, technical certifications, customer appreciation events, seminars, and other events that help you connect with your buyers and improve their skill sets. With Unilog’s Events Management module, you now have a single place to publish, manage and track all events. You’re no longer forced to process event registrations with faxed-in forms, email chains, or offline spreadsheets.

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The Unilog Events Management module allows you to create limited-seating customer events and report on how many spots remain open.