• Mobile Commerce

    Provide a Better Mobile Experience for Your Customers

Customers want the ability to shop for products wherever they are – on the job site, in their work truck, or at home – and mobile devices make that possible. With Unilog’s latest mobile app, we help you meet your customers’ needs and make shopping easier than ever for them.

Unilog's Mobile app: Rapid DeploymentRapid Deployment

Unilog’s hybrid app technology allows us to generate your mobile app code in a day, without lengthy development time. And it’s always in sync with your eCommerce website.

Unilog's Mobile app: Advanced FeaturesAdvanced Features

A mobile app allows your customers to leverage capabilities only available on their mobile device, such as the phone’s camera, barcode scanner, microphone, and location services.

Offering a clean user interface and large buttons, the Unilog hybrid mobile app provides features you can’t get with a solely mobile-responsive website, giving customers multiple ways to shop, purchase, and engage with your business.

80% of B2B buyers are using mobile at work, and more than 60% report that mobile played a significant role in a recent purchase.
– Source: BCG
Unilog's Mobile app: Image Search
Image Search

Using the phone’s camera, customers can take a picture of any item they need to buy or replace, and the app will search your catalog for that item.

Barcode Scanner

The camera can also act as a barcode scanner to find products. When a customer holds the camera up to the barcode on the product box, the app identifies the item from your online store for easy ordering.

Unilog's Mobile app: Barcode Scanner
Unilog's Mobile app: Voice Search
Voice Search

With the phone’s voice-enabled technology, a customer can speak directly into the mobile app to find items from your store and get instant product results, which can then be placed directly into the shopping cart.

Offline Shopping Cart

If customers are in a location without a cellular hot spot or reliable Wi-Fi connection, they can still find and order products by adding them to an offline shopping cart using the barcode scanner or by manually entering the items for purchase. Once they reconnect to the Internet, the cart syncs to your eCommerce store and enables them to complete their purchase.

Unilog's Mobile app:Offline Shopping Cart
Unilog's Mobile app: Fingerprint Security
Fingerprint Security

Customers can use the native fingerprint recognition on their phone to quickly and securely log into your mobile app in order to access customer-specific pricing, invoice history, and other account-specific information. In the near future, face recognition will be included as an additional security measure.

Location Navigation

If your customers are on a job site and in urgent need of an item, or if they prefer ordering online and picking up in store, they can use the location navigation feature from their current location to find your nearest store and get driving directions.

Unilog's Mobile app: Location Navigation