• eCommerce Platform for Infor Distribution SX.e

    Integrate Your ERP with the Leading B2B Digital Commerce Solution

Infor Distribution SX.e is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application that helps distribution companies improve their core functions, such as inventory management, order management, and operations. Unilog has a pre-built integration with Infor Distribution SX.e that allows you to display customer-specific pricing, inventory availability, customers’ order and invoice history, and more – all on your eCommerce website.

More than 50 Infor Distribution SX.e customers rely on Unilog’s eCommerce solutions, including:

Many Infor customers are still running Storefront, the company’s legacy eCommerce solution. If you’re in this group, you’re missing out on a modern, competitive eCommerce platform that can provide your customers with an amazing digital commerce experience. And while Infor continues to promote their “new” Rhythm eCommerce platform, many feel it is far behind the market in terms of current capabilities. In fact, more Infor customers have chosen Unilog to power their eCommerce channel than Infor’s own Rhythm product.

Why Unilog eCommerce for Infor Distribution SX.e Users?

Unilog is a regular supporter and member of TheUserGroup.org, or TUG, an independent community of Infor Distribution product users. We often sponsor their annual conference, TUG Connects, and participate with members in online webinars and virtual events.


Several members of Unilog’s leadership team have worked at Infor in the past in roles related to corporate strategy, sales, and eCommerce. This history affords us extensive knowledge of Infor ERP solutions, the markets in which they serve, and the needs of their customers.

Case Study: Stanion Wholesale Electric

Learn how this Infor Distribution SX.e user tripled their eCommerce sales in one year using Unilog’s B2B eCommerce platform, with online orders growing at a rate of 39% every year. Read the case study

B2B Functionality

Unilog’s B2B functionality has been ranked best in the market by leading industry analysts. In 2020, Andy Hoar’s Paradigm B2B Combine (Midmarket Edition) awarded Unilog’s eCommerce platform with more gold medals than any other vendor in their research. In fact, Unilog medaled in an amazing 9 out of 10 categories in the vendor research! We understand the needs of our wholesale distribution customers, with features like quick order pad, a sales rep module, support for multiple levels of approval, and much more.

Best-in-Class PIM (Product Information Management)

Where many other vendors require you to look elsewhere for a PIM solution to power your digital branch, Unilog has a native PIM included in the base eCommerce platform. And don’t be fooled by others who try to convince you that they have a “true” PIM in their offering. The Unilog PIM provides complete control over your entire catalog, including the ability to manage taxonomies, define catalog subsets for particular customers or groups of customers, manage your digital assets, maintain quality measures for item data, schedule imports and exports of items, and much more. (Related: Why PIM is Crucial to Every Distributor’s eCommerce Strategy from Digital Commerce 360)

“A complete website refresh, a storefront with over 300,000 SKUs, and a fully functional catalog… all within such a short time frame! That’s an achievement only the best in the industry can deliver.”

– Ajay Kamble, CIO, Turtle & Hughes

Enriched Product Content at your Fingertips

Unilog is an expert when it comes to B2B product content. We enrich data and content for more than 250,000 items every month across our entire customer base. Let us help you transform your catalog into a robust repository of product information that will drive more traffic to your eCommerce channel, better inform your customers, and increase conversion rates.

Leading Analytics Tool

To deliver the business impact you expect, you must be able to measure and analyze the performance of your digital channel. Unilog provides a robust set of analytical dashboards and reports to help inform your decision-making ability. Our advanced eCommerce analytics includes executive dashboards (revenue, average order value, conversion rates), management reports (unique logins, forgot password requests, registration by period), product analysis (views by product, category, and favorites), SEO and traffic source reports, search query insights, onsite customer behavior analysis, and so much more.

Did You Know?
Unilog integrates its eCommerce platform with more than just Infor Distribution SX.e. We have also built eCommerce sites for customers running Infor Distribution A+, Infor Distribution FACTS, CloudSuite Distribution, and other Infor ERPs.
How to Improve Your Customers’ eCommerce Experience

With 20% of all distributor sales expected to flow through eCommerce by next year, B2B companies have doubled down on their digital commerce investments. But just because your company has an eCommerce site doesn’t mean you’re competing with the market leaders.

Watch this recording of a webinar that Unilog presented to TUG members about how to improve your customer’s experience when interacting with your digital branch.