• eCommerce for Safety Supply & PPE Distributors

    Power Your Digital Branch with Unilog

Safety supply distributors play an important role in protecting people, job sites, and businesses.  It’s critical that your PPE and other products are accessible to buyers, whenever and wherever they need them. How do you make that happen? With a digital branch.

Perhaps your company lacks a digital presence today. Or maybe you’re looking to enhance your current online offering. Either way, Unilog’s got you covered. We provide an all-in-one eCommerce platform built for the B2B industry. It delivers the capabilities a safety supply and PPE distributor needs to best serve customers. You get everything from a commerce module (integrated with your ERP) to configurable site search. Our cloud-based solution is a powerful, affordable way to compete in the market.

Our customers in the Safety Supply and PPE distribution market include:
Common ERPs we integrate with:
  • Epicor Eclipse
  • Infor SX.e
  • Epicor Prophet 21
7 Ways Safety Supply Distributors Can Better Leverage eCommerce

If you want to remain competitive in today’s safety and PPE market, you need a digital branch. Download our white paper to see the eCommerce features that other safety supply distributors consider essential. Plus, learn effective tactics to help boost your online relevance.

Here are a few capabilities that Unilog provides to Safety Supply and PPE distributors:
Real-Time Product Availability

Today’s B2B buyers expect to see product pricing and availability. And they don’t want to create an account or login to your website to do so. Our platform displays on-hand inventory and negotiated pricing for your current customers. It also provides list price for anonymous buyers. Price and availability transparency is key to increasing site traffic and conversion rates.

Search Results that Include Synonymous Terms

Don’t risk losing a potential sale because a site visitor couldn’t find a product using your search bar. Our platform’s search capabilities allow you to establish synonyms for specific items or terms. This helps visitors find the right product every time. For example, if a buyer searches for “coronavirus,” Unilog’s site search will treat that the same as “COVID-19.” It doesn’t matter if the word “coronavirus” appears on the product detail page or not.

Customized Safety Products

Offer your customers the option to customize their safety apparel with their own logo. Unilog’s integration with Custom Safety Products allows buyers to upload a logo to place on an item in their shopping cart. The image updates with a preview of the final product and the price instantly changes to reflect the customized item.

Promotional Banners and Featured Products

Prove your dedication to customers, especially during a pandemic or crisis. Create promotional banners that guide them to timely, high-demand products, solutions, and resources. Unilog’s platform features a CMS that allows you to design large banner ads, build special web pages, and add featured product categories. Direct your customers to the products you want them to see.

Robust Product Content

Make your digital branch a reliable source for great product content. Enlist Unilog’s content services team to enrich your safety supplies catalog. We can provide product images, specs and attributes, robust item descriptions, brochures, and more. Better product content attracts search engines. Even more, it helps buyers make an informed purchasing decision.

Grouped Product Families

PPE products often come in many sizes and colors. Instead of displaying every variant as a separate item, group similar items together. Unilog’s product families allow you to present items as one product with many options. This saves space on the screen and makes it easier for your customer to buy from you.