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  • How long does it take to implement your eCommerce platform?

    Unilog has developed a rapid implementation program called Unilog GO that gets customers live on their new eCommerce site in a fraction of the time of a typical eCommerce implementation. We have a proven methodology for taking your company from concept to completion with a progressive, feature-rich eCommerce site that integrates with your backend ERP or POS system. There is no additional cost for this program. It is part of our normal implementation process and one of the key ways we are different than our competition. Talk about rapid time to value!

  • Do you offer a trial or proof of concept (POC) of your software?

    Unilog can provide your business with a customized demonstration of our eCommerce platform, including examples of actual customer sites and a look at the underlying platform that allows you to manage and make changes to your site and product catalog. This will give you a comprehensive view of our capabilities.

    In addition, a key component of our offering is our ability to integrate with your ERP or POS software, which is critical to your eCommerce strategy. Due to the level of effort required to integrate with those systems, this is not something we can show in a trial or POC environment, though we can introduce you to other customers who can vouch for our ability to integrate with your specific business applications.

    If you are interested in a customized demonstration for your business, please request a demo.

  • How much do your platform and services cost?

    Unilog is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, which means you “rent” the software for a flat monthly fee. This includes all hosting, support, and product enhancements for as long as you are a customer. There is no hardware you need to purchase or manage and no separate contract for support or maintenance.

    As you can imagine, the investment in an eCommerce platform is dependent upon many factors, such as the size of your business and scope of the implementation. There is a one-time charge for implementation services in the first year of your contract. An initial three-year contract is standard for the eCommerce platform, followed by an annual renewal.

    If you are an AD (Affiliated Distributors) member or Orgill dealer, you are entitled to additional savings due to negotiated discounts with these partners.

    If you take advantage of our product data and content enrichment services, they are priced by the number of SKUs enriched, with prices varying based on the depth of content enrichment.

    For more information, please contact us and a representative can talk you through the details as they pertain to your organization.

  • Do you work with associations that I’m a member of?

    There’s a good chance we do! Unilog has partnerships with many organizations in the B2B space, like AD (Affiliated Distributors), IWDC, and Virtualrain. On the retail side, we have a partnership with Orgill and their dealers. We exhibit at the major eCommerce tradeshows in our market, like B2B Online, B2B Next, and the MDM Digital Distributor Summit. We also participate in industry shows like HIDA, NAED, HARDI, ISA, and many more. Plus, we’ve worked closely with independent user groups like the Prophet 21 Worldwide Users Group (P21WWUG), Eclipse User-Friendly Organization (UFO), TheUserGroup (TUG) for Infor customers, and more. If you’re curious if we have customers who are members of your specific associations or buying groups, just ask us.

  • Can you integrate with my ERP or POS system?

    Integrating with our customers’ ERP and POS systems is our specialty. We’re really good at it, because many of our company’s leaders have worked in the ERP software space for many years. In some cases, they actually built the original ERP applications that we integrate with. We have numerous customers who run Epicor solutions like Eclipse, Prophet 21, and Eagle, and Infor solutions like SX.e and FACTS. We’ve integrated with more than a dozen different ERP and POS systems, as well as many other third-party business applications. You can find an updated list on the integrations page of our site.

    Remember that it’s one thing to connect to another platform’s API, but true mastery is when you understand how data flows throughout those business systems and impacts other fields and workflows. It’s complex work, but we think we’re the best at it in our market.

  • Do you provide punchout capability?

    Yes, Unilog provides punchout capability that allows your customers to directly access your eCommerce catalog from within their procurement system, whether it be Ariba, SAP, Oracle, or any number of platforms. Unilog offers a unique “self-configurable” punchout capability out-of-the-box, which allows you to configure new punchout requests with very little effort on your part. If you have more complex punchout requirements, we can perform this service or recommend partners in the space with whom we’ve integrated in the past.

  • Do you work with 3rd parties to implement your platform?

    Currently, Unilog experts perform 100% of our eCommerce site implementations in-house. We do this to keep your costs down and guarantee a fast go-live with our unique Go90 rapid implementation program. However, we occasionally partner with 3rd party consultants and design firms who work with our customers during (and sometimes after) the initial implementation to help drive their eCommerce strategy. This is fine with us and we are open to doing what is best for each individual customer.

  • What are my options for hosting my eCommerce website?

    Unilog hosts your website and the site management application in the cloud, so there is no need for you to invest in or maintain on-premises hardware. This is a huge cost saver for our customers, and it comes with the added protections of high availability and top-notch security. We typically leverage the Google Cloud Platform for customer deployments, though we have successfully tested our eCommerce software in other public cloud environments like Microsoft Azure. Learn more about our Cloud Hosting environment.

  • What is the speed and reliability of your customers’ websites?

    At Unilog, we pride ourselves on delivering eCommerce sites that outperform the competition when it comes to speed and reliability. All our sites deploy in the Google Cloud and leverage content delivery networks, Docker containers, and Kubernetes orchestration. That’s a bunch of geeky tech-speak, but if you’re into that sort of thing, you can read more on our Cloud Hosting and Application Deployment page. What you really need to know is that your eCommerce website will scale with any surges in site traffic, and it can even self-heal if something goes wrong with the infrastructure. The end result is a site with 99%+ uptime and fast page loading that helps ensure shopping cart completion.

  • How secure is my customer data in your platform?

    Unilog places utmost importance on the security of our customers’ eCommerce sites and protection of confidential customer data. Security of an eCommerce solution occurs at many levels, from the application to the underlying platform. Unilog follows generally accepted standards and procedures to deal with cybersecurity threats and risks. Areas of focus include access control, virus control, system hardening (the process of removing all non-essential software programs and utilities from the computer to prevent “back door” access), backup and disaster recovery, and employee training.

    Because we host our customer sites and applications in the Google Cloud Platform, we adhere to the security policies and SLAs defined by Google for that environment. In addition, Unilog is ISO 27001 certified for the management of information security risks.

    Finally, the company has undergone a security audit conducted by a commercially trusted third party, to determine possible risks and address evolving security standards. As part of this process, the third party performed penetration testing of Unilog’s base eCommerce platform to identify and resolve potential vulnerabilities.

  • Can I speak with one of your current customers?

    Of course, we encourage that! In addition to the numerous customer videos, testimonials, and success stories featured on our website, we can arrange for a personal reference call with a customer who can give you their unbiased opinion on Unilog solutions and our company. Let us know if you would like to speak with someone and we’ll arrange it for you.