• Unilog GO Program

    Drive eCommerce Success with a Proven, Rapid Implementation

To address our customers’ needs for swift time to market with their eCommerce website, Unilog has introduced a rapid implementation program called Unilog GO.

  • Go live on your eCommerce website in a fraction of the time of a typical eCommerce implementation
  • Avoid project delays and cost overruns
  • Achieve best-in-class time to value

If you’re currently operating a less than optimal eCommerce website, your customers are more likely to resist adopting your digital channel or bounce to a competitor’s site. You risk missing out on incremental revenue from new business or upselling to existing customers. Therefore, time to market with your new site is critical.

Accelerate Your Site Launch

In our opinion, it’s best to go live with your new eCommerce site as quickly as possible, then continue to build on that site over time. Having performed hundreds of eCommerce implementations, Unilog understands what a strong, foundational eCommerce site should look like and how it should operate. We have in-depth knowledge of the ERP and POS systems that are common in the market, such as solutions from Infor, Epicor, Mincron, and others. And we have built a repeatable process for delivering a best-in-class digital experience that your customers will love.

Benefit from Leading B2B eCommerce Capabilities

Just because you’re going live in a condensed timeframe doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great features and functions. There are no shortcuts with the Unilog GO program. Your initial implementation includes more than 100 best practice capabilities required of a proper B2B eCommerce site, including:

  • Branded site with your logo, colors, and imagery
  • Content and promotions management
  • Intelligent and configurable site search
  • Featured manufacturers and brands
  • Predictive search with “type ahead” and image preview
  • Product sort and attribute filtering
  • Customer-specific part numbers
  • Customer-defined product groups
  • Product comparisons
  • Related product recommendations
  • Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • Anonymous and approved customer shopping
  • Saved shopping carts
  • Multiple payment and shipping options
  • Quick order pad
  • Order and invoice history
  • Multiple user roles
  • Sales rep assist module
  • Account management
  • Event registration management
  • And much more!
“The GO program lived up to its promise. It’s clear Unilog has a proven plan for rapid and successful implementation. Now we can deliver a great eCommerce experience with tremendous B2B capabilities for our customers”

Jay Johnson
President, Plumbers Supply Company

Avoid Implementation Delays and Overruns

Few things are as frustrating and embarrassing as having to explain to your CFO why that website implementation project took longer and cost significantly more than originally anticipated. With the Unilog GO program, you don’t have to worry about scope creep, additional hours, or budget overruns in order to complete the job. Your initial site will launch on time and on budget. Unilog has a detailed project plan that includes every task, milestone, and responsibility required to ensure your success.

Trust the Process

Unilog will assign your company a dedicated Technical Project Manager with a support team of developers and expert eCommerce managers. This experienced team will walk you through the process step by step. Unilog’s process and people are dialed-in for rapid execution of your eCommerce site.

The GO program includes a proven project plan that outlines everything required
to ensure your site launches on time and on budget.

Enjoy the Most Modern Website Infrastructure

Unilog can spin up eCommerce sites quickly because we deploy 100% of our customer sites in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This environment allows for rapid deployment and code fixes. The Unilog platform also leverages advanced techniques like microservices and Kubernetes container management. In the event of heavy traffic on your site, the infrastructure will automatically scale to add more compute resources to handle the load.

“A complete website refresh, a storefront with over 300,000 SKUs, and a fully functional catalog… all within such a short time frame! That’s an achievement only the best in the industry can deliver.”

Ajay Kamble
CIO, Turtle & Hughes

Beat the Big-Box Players at Digital Commerce

Businesses like Grainger and Amazon aren’t winning any awards for website design. They’ve achieved digital commerce success because they focus on what’s most important to the customer: great product content, rapid delivery, and online convenience.

Your brand is important and should be well represented. But Unilog recommends you place greater emphasis on creating customer convenience, sharing your product knowledge online, and delivering a unified commerce experience.

Your competitors won’t wait six months to a year for you to catch up to them, so sign up now for our GO eCommerce implementation program and catapult your online presence.