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eCommerce Expert Tip – Revenue Formula

Learn the simple formula that can help you drive more revenue via your eCommerce website. Note that this formula does not take into account digital commerce revenue from other channels like marketplaces or EDI, only your company’s eCommerce site.

Launching Your eCommerce Site

Going live with a new eCommerce site is very different than going live with a new ERP system. Watch this whiteboard video to learn why. You’ll also learn the biggest mistake companies make when launching a new eCommerce site.

What is a PIM?

A PIM (Product Information Management) solution is not the same as the product files in your ERP system. Watch this whiteboard video to learn the benefits of a PIM, how it is different than your ERP, and how to choose the right PIM for your business.

Top eCommerce Adoption Tips from a B2B Distributor

For those just starting their eCommerce journey, or whose website has just gone live, Mike Powers from Hill & Markes has some worthwhile insight and advice to share to help you gain internal and external site adoption.

Build Site Awareness and Increase Brand Presence with Marketing Automation

Joining Scott Frymire, SVP of Marketing at Unilog, were Jonathan Bein, Managing Partner at Real Results Marketing, who provided insights on the state of distributor marketing and customer buying behavior, and Scott Alder, Channel Account Manager at Act-On Software, who discussed the capabilities and opportunities marketing automation technology provides.

The Number 1 Thing Distributors Can Do to Increase Customer Adoption

Unilog’s SVP of Marketing, Scott Frymire, speaks with Michael Powers, the eCommerce Manager from Hill & Markes, Inc, on the number one thing wholesale distributors can do to increase customer adoption of their B2B eCommerce websites.

Data is King Webinar with SDI and Unilog

Listen to our Presenters Suchit Bachalli CEO, Unilog and Missy Decker VP Solutions Design, SDI talk about how Every B2B online marketplace should have clean, consistent and robust product information available at buyer’s fingertips to make or break a business.

Making Your Site the Flagship of Your Organization

Don Preston of Macomb Group expresses the importance of having a single, all-in-one solution for content, site control and data management.

eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Grant Movold tells us how Marks Supply has created an omnichannel experience by integrating their systems with CIMM2 and how they’re now focusing on marketing strategy for greater eCommerce success.

Unilog Partner Insight: Customer Evolution

Justin King of B2X Partners provides insight on how the B2B distributor customer base is evolving, and how CIMM2 from Unilog helps distributors adapt by a providing them with an affordable turnkey eCommerce software package.

Developing Your Site into a Valued Resource

Michael Eichinger, COO and VP of Bay Fastening Systems, describes the success of their CIMM2 implementation and how they’re making their website a valuable resource for their customers.

Listening to Your Customers

Industrial Electric Supply is both a CIMM2 customer and an AD member. Jeff Cronin explains how Industrial Electric is listening to its customers and giving them the tools they want to transact with them online.

Customer Adoption and Growth

Now that its site is live, electrical product distributor McNaughton-McKay is looking to increase its eCommerce adoption. James Wilkinson explains the company’s goal to make its website the main interface for its customers.

Unilog Partner Insight: System Integration

Mark Toffoli of Conexiom explains the importance of integrating different logic into eCommerce and how tying platforms together can create better synergy.

Benefits of Punchouts

Mike Powers from Hill & Markes, a family-owned janitorial, office, industrial packaging and foodservice supplies distributor, discusses the company’s newly live website and how CIMM2 with its punchouts capabilities has given them a competitive advantage.

Creating a Better User Experience

Roger Moore of City Plumbing & Electric Supply talks about how their online storefront with enriched product data from Unilog has made a better experience for their customers.

Focus on Customers

Joe Bennett, Senior VP of Sales at Unilog, talks about the company’s customer-centric focus and explains how CIMM2’s integrated components create a powerful commerce solution for distributors.

CUG2017 Highlights

Highlights of 3rd Annual CIMM2 Users Group Meeting held between March 5-7, 2017 @ Las Vegas

Marketing Tactics in B2B eCommerce

What marketing tactics work well for B2B eCommerce? Fiona Swerdlow of Forrester Research leads the discussion with Spencer Moss of Southern Pipe & Supply Co., and Sean McDonnell of TruPar.com.

Customer Service in B2B eCommerce

Gregory Chun of McNaughton-McKay, and Michael Noble of Apruve help us understand how eCommerce plays a major role in delivering better customer service.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce is becoming a bigger part of B2B eCommerce, so how can your organization leverage it? Fiona Swerdlow of Forrester Research discusses with Michael Powers of Hill & Markes Inc. and Spencer Moss of Southern Pipe & Supply Co.

Product Content

Fiona Swerdlow of Forrester Research and Michael Powers of Hill & Markes Inc. discuss how an organization can build the best product content for their B2B eCommerce websites.

CIMM2 Users Group Meeting 2016 Event Highlights
Over one hundred CIMM2 users from the B2B eCommerce space joined Unilog in Orlando, FL for the 2nd Annual CIMM2 Users Group Meeting.

Will my B2B customer buy online?
B2B companies often ask if their customers will buy online, and we felt it was time to answer. Joe Bennett, Senior VP-Sales at Unilog Content Solutions, tells us why having an online store will help.

What is OmniChannel?
What do we mean when we say omnichannel?
Joe Bennett, Senior VP-Sales, introduces the modern take on omnichannel for eCommerce companies.

Is CIMM2 ERP agnostic?
Joe Bennett, Senior VP-Sales at Unilog Content Solutions, speaks on how CIMM2 integrates with various ERP software.

Responsive Design vs Mobile App
When you’re building an eCommerce site, should you build a responsive site or create a custom mobile app?
Joe Bennett, Senior VP-Sales at Unilog Content Solutions, tells you how to make the decision.

Adopting Ecommerce Technology – Les Johnson, North Coast Electric
Les Johnson, President of North Coast Electric speaks to Suchit Bachalli about how his organization made ecommerce part of their business strategy.

CIMM2 Search Workflow – Part I: How search works
Learn how to use, optimize and customize search on your ecommerce site using CIMM2 and how that simplifies  navigation for your customers.

CIMM2 Search Workflow – Part I: How search can be configured
Learn how to use configuration options in CIMM2 to create a powerful search option for your customers.

What can iCIMM2 do for you?
The iCIMM2 is a product created in partnership with Idea4Industry, customized to suit the needs of distributors.
iCIMM2 is available as part of the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) solution from Idea4Industry.


What can CIMM2 do for you?
CIMM2 is Unilog’s convergent commerce platform that has all the moving parts meshed within its core. Learn how it can help create a powerful ecommerce store for your business.