Why Unilog?

Discover What Makes Unilog Different from Others

Not all eCommerce platforms are the same. Unilog was built to address the needs of mid-market B2B companies at an attractive price point. Here are some ways Unilog stands out above other vendors in our market.
Your All-in-One eCommerce Platform

A B2B website is more than just an online shopping cart. It requires great content, product information management, intuitive search, integration with your ERP software, and more. Unfortunately, few vendors provide all these components. Unilog is different. You get a comprehensive solution from a single provider. This means less pain and complexity, lower cost, and faster time to market. Learn more.

Mobile in a Day

Having a mobile responsive eCommerce site is table stakes. But what if you could deploy a fully-functional mobile app version of your eCommerce site in only a day? With Unilog, you can. Have your customers download your app and enjoy the experience of a site designed specifically for the mobile experience.

It’s All About the Content

It takes more than simple item descriptions to fuel your eCommerce site. You need unique, robust content to make your products stand out from the crowd: images, diagrams, manuals, attributes, and more. Unilog provides content services that attract customers to your site and keep them there. A dynamic product catalog converts searches to sales. Learn more.

Available in the Cloud

Free your company from the administrative burden of maintaining on-premises hardware. Unilog’s platform runs in the Google Cloud, providing fast, reliable infrastructure to support your eCommerce site. Enjoy the freedom that a Software-as-as-Service pricing model provides and the benefit of never having to manually update your eCommerce software – Unilog handles that for you!

Built for B2B

Unilog was built to handle the specific needs of distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers in the B2B marketplace. We understand the complexity of large-scale catalogs with hundreds of thousands of SKUs. Go-togethers, substitutes, customer-specific pricing, compatible parts – it’s all in our company’s DNA. We get B2B because our leaders have spent decades in the industry.

Ready to Take on Amazon

Amazon has set the bar for online commerce. They go broader than anyone else in the market. But Unilog allows you to go deeper with robust item information, product relationships, and customer-specific experiences. Plus, you can leverage integrations with Amazon and other online markets as part of your eCommerce strategy.